The most amazing lime juice ever!

We all know how essential it is to get enough vitamin C in our diet and some of us even resort to supplements to do that, however we really are very lucky in that we have readily available access to good quality, plentiful fruits and vegetables that supply more than what we need. It can often be necessary to handle, cook and store these foods in particular ways to make sure that the vitamin and mineral content is not lost to us and this lime juice is a perfect example of how to get a blitz of vitamins and a cascade of taste too.  Firstly I need to give a nod of thanks to my sister for giving me this recipe and she in turn got it from a South American friend, but feel free to play about with it and make it your own - I have!  This juice is super easy to make, it takes less than 3 minutes and consists of two ingredients, although I will suggest some variations too that may require more than just the main two.   

You will need: 2 organic limes (if organic are not available then unwaxed. If these are not available then wash your limes in some warm water with a mild detergent or veggie was solution to remove the wax from the skins 2 x 1 ltr water - tap water/bottled water/fizzy water - whatever water you perfer Method: Wash your limes if needed and them cut them into quarters then quarter again - you are using the whole fruit, skin and all. Put the limes into a blender or magic bullet or nutri bullet. Add 1 ltr water of choice, place the lid on and blitz for 1 minute. Remember if using a magic bullet or nutri bullet you will need to do this is short bursts so as not to overheat your appliance.  Once you have pulverised the limes, using a small metal sieve over a jug, sieve the liquid into the new jug. Make sure you press down on the pulp using the back of a spoon so that you get all the best juice. I sometimes throw this away and sometimes save it for putting into cakes or other recipes - there is certainly some life left in the limes yet.  Once you have sieved the mixture simply top it up to 2 ltr with more water. I prefer to have this cold with ice cubes but it is also amazing at room temperature.  This will keep in the fridge for at least 36 hours but it is so delicious I guarantee it won't last that long.       


You could add mint, ginger, strawberry, elderflower cordial to this juice to create another dimension of taste. You could also use it to mix the most amazing gin cocktails or even mojitos - no-one said you had to restrict your vitamin C intake to daytime! 


I have shared this recipe with so many people and they have all loved it - so please do give me your feedback either on the facebook page or email me at 


Happy juicing 

Jacq x 

Second treatment of 2017 – reflexology

Well as promised to myself I went for my second treatment of the month and this time I had chosen Reflexology. Now for some reason other therapists don’t always want to do Reflexology on me and I have no idea why. As soon as someone touches my feet I am relaxing and enjoying the treatment – not checking out your moves or comparing our sequences as some have said lol.

I am really choosy about who treats me and who touches my body and I sometimes wish the general public were a bit more choosy too. Last year I had to register with a new doctor and I checked him out on his own website and checked that he was registered with the General Medical Council. I told him this and he was greatly amused, but why wouldn’t I check him out? I only take my car to a mechanic on word of mouth recommendation so why would I be any less choosy with my body? However, I am lucky that I know loads of therapists and for me the number one choice for Reflexology is Heidi Grillo from Mandala Flow in Edinburgh. We went to Uni together and ran our first business together but that is not why I went to her. I went to her because I know how passionate she is about her work, how much she loves working with people, how she understands her limitations as well as her capabilities and I know that above all else she will put me at the centre of her treatment. For me these are the important factors, you may have different ones but please be choosy about who you see.

As I live in Glasgow I had paired my treatment up with a client visit to Linlithgow and then a later client visit in Edinburgh so as to maximise my time – a continual habit of the self-employed ha!

I had earlier that morning noticed a pain in my lower jaw radiating under my chin and when pressed became painful under a large molar that needed some dental treatment, so before my client I called the dentist and got an emergency appointment for the following day. I had resolved not to mention this to Heidi to see if she picked anything up during the treatment.

On arriving at Mandala Flow, which is convenient for the city centre and on great bus routes, I parked the car around the corner and went into the shop. Heidi was immediately there with a hug and a smile – Heidi staples – and then another woman walked towards me hand outstretched with a warm smile as Heidi introduced her as Katie Sparkles (I never did get her real name lol). As she shook my hand she commented that I had a lovely energy and I thought she did too and was taken by how relaxed and welcoming the place was. It is last summer since I was there and I was there teaching so was on my own with students – this was such a lovely welcome and a vibrant one too which is so lovely to see from a therapy centre, which can often be quiet and hushed places.

Heidi did a consultation with me as we have not seen each other in a while and asked general questions like ‘give me an idea of what your wellbeing is’ but don’t be fooled there is nothing general about these questions! I never mentioned the mouth pain and once on the bed and the cream applied to my tootsies the very next thing Heidi said to me was ‘so what is going on with your jaw?’ and there you have it ladies and gentlemen – 25 seconds it took her to find the pain !!!! As a therapist it is so exciting for me to see other people work holistically. Now that word has been over used in the last few years but this is true holistic working. Heidi does work from a very energetic approach so I was not at all surprised she picked up on it – and was delighted that once again the feet, and Reflexology, had shown their amazing potential.

The treatment was amazing, although I really did lie back and let her get on with it – I have no idea what she was doing I just enjoyed it and trusted that she would ask if there was anything she needed to know. She picked up on a couple of other things and then it was over! Just like that it was time to go! I have booked in for next month because I believe I can really benefit from regular reflexology – just like I am always telling my clients.

Now if that was all there was to tell it would be good enough but, of course, there is more. The following day I managed to start a 3 day ‘clear out’ and that manifested itself physically, emotionally and mentally and resulted in my staying in bed till lunchtime. Then on the fourth day I had a clear out at home too. Two trips to the dump, rearranged my living room, bedroom and kitchen, threw out things that had been lying around needing a decision, threw out old and useless things that had been taking up too much space and then also a clear out of stuck energy, beliefs and rules I had been holding on to. I did a meditation and then a self-hypnosis to help with this – and every single person who has come into the house since then has commented on how ‘open and clear’ it feels.

I love reflexology, I love Heidi and I love that I am going back next month!  

To check out Madala Flow see their website or facebook page or call in to 16 Rodney Street, Edinburgh, EH7 4EA and to book in for an appointment call them on 0131 283 9869

First treatment of 2017

As I mentioned I was undertaking a concerted schedule of treatments this year with a view to tackling particular issues and to make sure that I am on top of whatever is going on in my body - something I have been a bit remiss at in the last few years. I had my first treatment of the new year last week and here is my report of it. 

Some of you will know that about 5 years ago I fell and broke my right knee and tore all the muscles around it. I got it x-rayed (having driven myself to the hospital!) to make sure it was broken and they confirmed the knee cap had a nice big split in it! I had broken the exact same knee in the same place about 20 years before so it was super painful. I didn't seek any other medical treatment as there is not much that can be done for a broken knee. As it happens the injury coincided with me finishing up working at Tir na nOg and taking 3 months to write up my Masters dissertation. During that time I was only able to hobble about at home and was in a lot of pain. The write up took 6 months rather than 3 and by that time I was experiencing greatly reduced movement and a lot of pain.  I didn't seek any treatments at that time as I opened The Little Yellow Therapy Centre and had to get on with things. At the time I lived 2 streets away from the shop and it would take me 20 minutes to walk there - the pain was ever present and as I had put on weight too it wasn't fun.

Fast forward about a year and I was getting there slowly and as I had to walk my dog every day I was getting out and about, albeit slowly. As my knee got better I heard about Kinetic Chain Release KCR and had a session. It was like a miracle when I got off the bed after that first treatment - I was in much less pain and could put my feet flat on the ground for the first time in nearly 2 years - the broken one had been turning out up to that point. That first treatment lasted about 2 weeks and so I had another and so it continued until I was almost pain free. Now I am sure the Universe had something to tell me because almost about the same time I fell and tore the quads on my other knee and now I was in more agony.

I waited to have any treatments until the muscles had repaired somewhat and had Bowen and then Acupuncture both of which helped. And then for some reason I just got used to living with painful knees and not being able to walk for long distances  - it is amazing what we will normalise in our lives when we are not paying attention.

Fast forward to last October (2016) and I was in so much pain I went to my friend Lynne for KCR and it made everything much worse - what was happening. Now as a therapist I trust the body first and everything else second and so I knew my body was doing what it needed to. Just before Christmas I had another 2 treatments of KCR as I was not able to sleep due to the pain in my knees and even if I did sleep I woke in agony.

So for 2017 I decided that I needed to tackle the things my body was screaming out at me about and so KCR will be one of my staple treatments and my first was last week.


I went to Lynne Crow of Black Crow Holistics as I know her well and I love how she works. She has a lovely therapy room attached to her home in Dunning, which is about 11 miles from Perth on the A9 and super easy to get to and park at. She showed me into the room which was cosy which is necessary for body work. KCR is a protocol which means it is carried out the same each time and on each person. The treatment is carried out fully clothed between a therapy bed and a chair and there is a bit of to-ing and fro-ing for the client, but this doesn't stop it being relaxing. I would advise that you wear something comfortable and easy to move about in.

Lynne will explain what she needs you to do and there is a natural flow to the therapy and you never feel that you are not being well looked after. She also checks regularly if you want her to continue with the treatment or particular move to ensure you are comfortable and in control at all times.

The moves themselves are sometimes almost undetectable and at other times very present and can be sore - but remember this - pain is nothing more than a messenger and so it tells the therapist something and it tells you something and should be welcomed when it presents itself as it empowers us to change.

While I was lying on the therapy bed and Lynne was working on my legs one of the vertebrae in my back 'popped' and I jumped and then laughed because it was the oddest sensation. Not at all sore just weird yet almost immediately I felt more at ease and warmer in my back, and I don't even have back problems. I was also aware that my neck was being worked and felt amazing at the end of the treatment and it had been niggly for a couple of days for some reason. 

At the end of the treatment I felt lighter and I felt that my right knee, in particular, was pain free and I was able to slip my feet into my shoes without pulling them on. I have slept really well since then and my ankles have not swollen up at night which can often happen. I have almost no pain since Friday and not been woken up by the pain at all. I will be making monthly/6 weekly appointments with Lynne and will use KCR to maintain my body health and help to prevent my establishing bad habits and bad posture.  

There are lots of people now doing KCR and you can get info on what it is and where to find a therapist on the website HERE.

If you would like to see Lynne then you can check out here website, her facebook page or you can call her on 07740 507 380

Next I am off for a much overdue Reflexology session on the 18th and I cannot wait for that - till then x

Jacq x 

2017 is looking awesome


Well hello 2017! You have been much anticipated and yearned for, mostly because 2016 was such a roller coaster ride. Having said that it was a very effective year and one that made all of us face some really interesting and, at times. difficult things and make a decision on whether or not we wanted to carry them any more. 

I know I let a lot go in 2016 and it was sometimes great, sometimes awkward and sometimes easy peasy. Not only did I let things go including behaviours,  beliefs and patterns of lies I would tell myself but I also let people go. People also let me go which was interesting to experience, mainly because when it happened I realised as I worked it out that I was not at all bothered but 'felt' that I should be. Once I had worked out what my feelings actually were then I simply did a wee gratitude ritual for them having been in my life and for us now finding the time was right to move in different directions - no drama necessary!

So in 2017 I am going to be writing a few blog posts and updating you on therapy information, alternative approaches to supplements, herbs, diet info, health and wellbeing information or just lots more things that come to mind along the way - some original and some shared from elsewhere. 

One of the main things that I will be doing will be making sure that I go for regular treatments and then report back on how it was, what it involved and where I had it done. Now many of you will know me as a therapist and may perceive me to be fairly laid back and in control - let me tell you that all goes out the window when I become the client - I am a real pain. Part of this process is so that I can get myself focused on my own body and take my work from this year further and partly to push myself out my comfort zone and learn more about myself and how to use therapies as prevention and maintenance rather than just when something goes wrong. 

So the first treatment is this Friday when I will be having Kinetic Chain Release up in Dunning in Perthshire with Lynne Crow of Black Crow Holistics. I will report back on Friday and give you lots of links to all that you need to know then. 


Till then enjoy getting back to work, getting focused on the year ahead and getting the last few days of peace and fun with your families. 

Speak soon

Jacq x 


this is the area I will be writing about all things holistic as well as sharing my own opinion on the world of Complementary and Alternative Medicine