Monthly Meditation Classes


Meditations are back but with a twist, I am now offering one class per month but for a longer time to allow us to share, delve and grow from each class. The class will take a similar format as previous ones and we will come together in a supportive group to be guided by the collective energy.

I will start with a short intro guided meditation to open the class and allow for the energy to build and will leave plenty of time for discussion before and after the longer focused guided meditation. I  write each meditation for each class and so these are all original works that combine the celestial energy, the social energy and the collective energy of the group that shows up to tap into our own unique presence and power and make the changes we want to make, not just to ourselves but to the world around us. Your presence is very much appreciated. 

These classes are ideal for novices, beginners and those familiar with meditation so please do come along and contribute your energy and time. 

Meditation runs from  2pm - 4.30pm 

Classes are limited by size and need to be booked in advance as I need to leave plenty of space for you to get comfortable sitting. lying or cross legged - whatever works for you. Cushions, pillow and blankets supplied as well as plenty of water so please just bring yourself and any questions or suggestions you may have.

DATES -  SUNDAY 26th November

to book call/text 07519 283 675 pr secure your place via paypal HERE

Classes take place at my home in Dennistoun - address on booking