Meditation FAQ’s

 Frequently Asked Questions about meditation downloads by Jacq Munro

  1. Can I download the meditations from your website? Yes and no - I have hosted the recordings on the website Bandcamp and you can access the recordings on my artist page HERE
  2. Can I pay by debit/credit card or just paypal? Yes you can pay by cards or paypal. You do not need a paypal account to purchase them.
  3. Do I have to buy the meditations before I know what they sound like? Yes you can try before you buy. You can listen to each recording 3 times in full before deciding to buy.
  4. Can I get a copy of the script you used in the meditations? For these recordings no. This is because I plan an outline for the recordings and then just go with the flow on the day. For the future ones I have planned I will provide written scripts you can download.
  5. Is there any VAT on the listed price? If you are in the EU you will be charged VAT at 20% on top of the listed price. BUT you can buy my whole discography for a 25% discount if you purchase them all at once - look out for the link on each page.
  6. I have downloaded a meditation can I share it with a friend? Yes please feel free to do that. I would remind you that this is how I earn my living though and would ask that you share a link to my download page and/or review my meditations to help others decide whether to buy - just if you can please. Thank you. 
  7. I teach a class in mindfulness and meditation - can I use one of your recordings during it?  No 
  8.  How do I get permission to use your materials? Please email me at with information on how you would like to use the materials.
  9. Can I put your audio recordings on my website? No but you are more than welcome to add a link to my bandcamp page. 
  10. Can I burn your audio recording to a cd and give it to a paying client? No but I would appreciate it if you could direct them to my download page where they can try before they buy.

Use of materials in unathorised ways is a violation of copyright and subject to penalty by law