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Allergy Season is upon us

Combat the affects of pollen, tree pollen, dust, smog, exhaust fumes and other environmental allergens with 3 Hopi Ear Candle treatments. This gentle and relaxing treatment is designed to assist the upper respiratory system in doing its best to be prepared and to cope with all the external factors that can overwhelm us as we change seasons.

These treatments are designed to prevent as well as treat symptoms already present so are ideal for this time of year and beyond. If you are flying off on holiday soon then it is also a great time to get Hopi Ear Candling as they can help you to cope with the changes in pressure during the flight and help to maintain ear health throughout your holiday and your return flight.

The candles are supervised by the therapist at all times and can give an indication of what state of health your ear canals are in, allowing for the gentle removal of wax, the healthy maintenance of the ear canal and the balance of air pressure in the inner ear. A great way to assist anyone who experiences sinus problems and tinnitus.

For optimum outcome the treatment should be carried out in 3 sessions in quick succession – for example

Day 1 / Day 3 / Day 7


Day 1 / Day 7 / Day 11


Day 1 / Day 7 / Day 14

depending on your presentation and history, this will be discussed with you at your first session.

SPECIAL OFFER – 3 x 45 min treatments for £60

(usually £90 full price & £75 if bought in advance) 

To book – purchase your sessions via the paypal button below

then call or text 07519 283 675 to book in 

any questions please call/text or email info@jacqmunro.com 



Hopi Ear Candle Special Offer £60


Terms & Conditions
All treatments must be paid for up front
All treatments must be completed by May 31st 2018
Refunds are not available
Cancellations must be 48 hours in advance otherwise session may be forfeited
All treatments carried out at my treatment room at J’Adore Beauty, 339-341 Cumbernauld Road, Glasgow
If you have a current infection you are not suitable for treatment, if in doubt please ask