Goal Setting for Good Mental Health

Many of us have found the energetic shifts and changes happening this year unsettling and unfamiliar. This has been a time of change, growth and clarity for many, however that can be a new experience.
Setting goals is a great way of looking at the things we are currently working towards and examining whether or not they are truly what we want. Have you ever achieved a goal and yet been flat and unsatisfied and not really sure why? The chances are because you were chasing someone else's dream or someone else's version of your dream. This can and often does affect our mental health and can lead to us feeling isolated, unsettled and anxious. One of the best ways to ensure good mental health is to have good mental health housekeeping and this course will start that off beautifully. 
This one day workshop will help you to clarify what your goals are and how you will go about achieving them. We will work with a range of techniques to ensure you are supported and encouraged to plan to path ahead in a meaningful and joyful way.
Sunday 17th September
10am - 3.30pm
ONLY £40
Book via the link below or call/text 07519 283 675 or email training@jacqmunro.com
The training will take place at my home treatment room in the East End of Glasgow