Masterclass 4 – Spine/Skeletal System


Glasgow* - Saturday 9th December 2017

Come and learn all about the Spine & Skeletal System and how it to treat those areas on the feet. The day will be a structured teaching day that will allow for some revision, some new learning and some practical application. There will be demonstrations and time to ask lots of questions with some practice of techniques taught. We will cover
  • Overview of Anatomy & Physiology of the Skeletal System
  • Structure & Function of the Skeletal System
  • Pathology of the Skeletal System
  • Classical Reflexology treatment areas and techniques
  • Advance Reflexology treatment areas and techniques
  • Energy Balance for the Skeletal System
Each Masterclass is a stand alone teaching experience but you may but more than one and comes to whichever ones you are interested in. There is a huge saving to be made if you want to come to all 5 Masterclasses and you can mix and match venues - just drop me an email at once you have purchased all five to let me know what venues and dates suit. Classes will run 10am - 4pm on each date.

Each class is £65 with an EARLY BIRD of £50 each

Book via paypal below or call/text 07519 283 675


*Glasgow is taught at my home treatment room in the East End just off Alexandra Parade G31 3LL  

Glasgow Early Bird £50