New Protocols in place for when we return to work

As a member of Professional Reflexology I await their update tomorrow (Mon 18th May) with some more information but in the meantime I would like to share some of the new protocols I have put in place for a return to seeing clients.

* A new hallway coat stand. Clients will be asked to remove shoes, bag and coat as they enter and hang in the hallway.
* Hand washing – clients will be invited to wash their hands when they arrive and before they leave
* Individual towels – I have ordered small individual hand towels which means each client will have their own towel on their visit and it will be washed afterwards
* new therapy towels – I have replaced all my therapy towels and will only be using the new ones on my return
* new therapy bedding – I have replaced all the bedding I use for the therapy bed
* new blankets and throws – all replaced
* new pillows and cushions – all replaced
* couch roll ordered and will be used for every client
* all creams, balms and oils have been replenished and all old stock removed
* uniform introduced – I will now wear a uniform and will keep these clothes only for clinic days and they will be washed after a day in the therapy room
* new hands free mp3 player and speaker for therapy room
* air diffuser for use in the therapy room
* all door handles wiped down after each client

I will not be wearing a mask or gloves as it goes against the whole ethos of reflexology for me, however you are more than welcome to bring your own and wear as required.

I will also be washing my own hands regularly as always.

I hope some of this lets you understand how we can move forward together and how much I support your own journey in relation to staying safe. If you have any questions please just pm me or email info@jacqmunro.com