2017 is looking awesome


Well hello 2017! You have been much anticipated and yearned for, mostly because 2016 was such a roller coaster ride. Having said that it was a very effective year and one that made all of us face some really interesting and, at times. difficult things and make a decision on whether or not we wanted to carry them any more. 

I know I let a lot go in 2016 and it was sometimes great, sometimes awkward and sometimes easy peasy. Not only did I let things go including behaviours,  beliefs and patterns of lies I would tell myself but I also let people go. People also let me go which was interesting to experience, mainly because when it happened I realised as I worked it out that I was not at all bothered but ‘felt’ that I should be. Once I had worked out what my feelings actually were then I simply did a wee gratitude ritual for them having been in my life and for us now finding the time was right to move in different directions – no drama necessary!

So in 2017 I am going to be writing a few blog posts and updating you on therapy information, alternative approaches to supplements, herbs, diet info, health and wellbeing information or just lots more things that come to mind along the way – some original and some shared from elsewhere. 

One of the main things that I will be doing will be making sure that I go for regular treatments and then report back on how it was, what it involved and where I had it done. Now many of you will know me as a therapist and may perceive me to be fairly laid back and in control – let me tell you that all goes out the window when I become the client – I am a real pain. Part of this process is so that I can get myself focused on my own body and take my work from this year further and partly to push myself out my comfort zone and learn more about myself and how to use therapies as prevention and maintenance rather than just when something goes wrong. 

So the first treatment is this Friday when I will be having Kinetic Chain Release up in Dunning in Perthshire with Lynne Crow of Black Crow Holistics. I will report back on Friday and give you lots of links to all that you need to know then. 


Till then enjoy getting back to work, getting focused on the year ahead and getting the last few days of peace and fun with your families. 

Speak soon

Jacq x