About me

I had my first encounter with spirit at the age of three, well the first one I remember. This was something that became part of my life but that I did not acknowledge or really talk about because I thought everyone was experiencing what I was. Highly intuitive from an early age I was able to ‘see’ energy in ways that I now knows others can’t. However, I do believe that we all have this power, it’s just that life doesn’t teach us to embrace it.

As I grew up, I moved schools several times and throughout my primary education was always the ‘new girl’ which forced me into a sociability that I didn’t always feel, however it was a fabulous training ground for working with people and their energies.

Throughout my twenties I married and had my children and lost myself completely in the responsibilities I believed were mine. So much so that I became toxic, and my marriage ended with me not really knowing who I was any more.

It was at this point in my life I realised I could not do it all myself and so went to see a life coach. This opened me up to the responsibility I had for myself and my behaviours that I had totally forgotten about, and I realised I could change as a person, especially as the person I was, I didn’t even like.

I found the work of Louise Hay and it literally saved my life, I was on a collision course of burn out and self-destruct due to the level of unhappiness and self-loathing I had developed, and it was not healthy for my kids either. Connected back to myself I suddenly felt liberated, and I have been working on myself every single day since.

In 2003 the Universe aligned in a very serendipitous way, and I found myself attending University to study Complementary Therapies, at which time I looked round at my life and realised I had been quietly surrounding myself with them for years.

Almost immediately, while studying Reflexology, I felt drawn to find out more about energy work and energies and studied Reiki and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in early 2004. This opened me up to so much of myself and how I saw the world, it was another coming home to myself.

I have developed my own spiritual side since then and work with energy and energy therapies almost exclusively and have found myself drawn more and more to talk therapies. I have been a trained Hypnotherapist for almost 10 years now, adding Affirmations, Z Point, Access Consciousness, Meditation, SET, IEP and Coaching to my skills.

I am now pulled more and more to work with people to achieve their goals, clear their old stuff and become more connected to their true selves. I love working in a unique and tailored way for each client and offer a range of ways to do that.

I hope if you would like to work with me that we can find a way to do that and that you too can feel the freedom of turning yourself all the way up and shining like the star you are and truly making your heart sing.

Get in touch if you are drawn to do so and let’s make magic happen.

Jacq x