Privacy Policy

This privacy policy complies with the new GDPR legislation that begins on 25th May 2018. I would like to assure you that any data I collect from you will be managed correctly and explained clearly and in detail as to how and why I use and collect your data, and your rights associated with this data.
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What information do I need prior to treatment?
I need your contact details, which include name, address, postcode, email and phone number, I also need information about your health, lifestyle and age for treatment to go ahead.

What information for training courses?
I will need some or all of the following information. Name, address, postcode, email, phone number, qualifications, insurance details.

Explanation of why I need this information
I need all the information to provide a safe and suitable treatment, and to allow me to provide the most suitable treatment plan for you on an ongoing basis.
I need your information to ensure you can attend training by meeting minimum requirements for attendance.
I need your information to update you on course attendance, requirements, completion, case studies and feedback.
For insurance purposes.
I have a lawful basis for processing your personal information, meaning there is a legal reason to ask for your data because of contractual reasons.
You do have the right to not share your personal data with me, but if you do not I am unable to offer you a treatment at
You must fulfil your side of the contract (share your personal information) for me to fulfil mine (carry out treatment).

How long will I store your data?
I must retain records for a period of at least 7 years from the date of your last treatment. In the case of a child this would be 7 years after their 16th birthday.

I will not share your data will not share your information with any third parties, at any time or for any reason. The only exception to this rule is if I consider you to be a risk of harm to yourself or others.

If you feel I am not handling your data correctly, you have the right to complain
If you have any questions relating to this policy or the data I hold for you, please contact me in writing at or the address above

You have the right to complain if you believe I am not handling your data correctly; please use the contact details above. If you are unhappy with my response to your complaint you should then contact the ICO (information commissioner’s office) using the following link