Get flight ready

get flight ready

Have you not been on a flight for a while? Or maybe you are a frequent flyer? Either way 3 sessions of Hopi Ear Candling can have an amazing effect on you as you fly. 

Working the ears and upper respiratory system they can help ease pressure in the air, help you to breathe easier, help to avoid blocked sinuses and make sure you don’t pick up and mid air colds.

3 pre-flight sessions ensure your ears are clear and balanced and as healthy as possible. 

Each session will include Hopi Ear Candling plus 15 minute mini facial drainage massage and reiki balance to finish. This is the ultimate relaxing therapy.

Get your sessions booked in now and start your holiday off in the best way. 

3 x Hopi Ear Candling sessions just £80 – saving you £25 

Please see terms and conditions before buying

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Terms & Conditions

  • Special Offer sessions must be completed within 10 days of each other for maximum benefit
  • all bookings must be made in advance 
  • no cancellations or refunds
  • you may rearrange appointments with 48 hours notice otherwise session is forfeited
  • all treatments are carried out at my home treatment room in Maryhill, Glasgow
  • all treatments must be carried out on the same client
  • may be bought as a gift