January Meditation Challenge

January Meditation Challenge – Be Wild & Free in 2023

This January I am inviting you to join my  month long Meditation Challenge. This time round we are ditching all that is holding us back, we are seeing ourselves for who we really are and we are stepping into the power and purpose that we choose for ourselves. 

This is going to let us be accountable., excited, adventurous and above all FREE to be the person we have been holding back all these years. Its time to dump all the BS (belief systems or bullshit whatever works best for you) and really embrace the wonder that each of us is. 

This group will run on WhatsApp and you will receive: 

  • 31 x daily messages 
  • 31 x daily screensavers 
  • 4 x weekly meditations 
  • a bonus 5th meditation to see us to the end of the month (not quite a 5 week month but nearly)
  • 3 x live calls with Q&A and bonus live meditation 
  • 31 x daily affirmations pdf download
  • 31 x daily affirmations recordings 

You will also have access to me throughout the month for any additional support or questions. 

This is not to be missed, this is going to be a real dive into our own core beliefs, the rules we makes for ourselves and the excuses we might have been using without knowing it. It’s time to BE WILD and it’s time to BE FREE

To book click below and any questions please email me at info@jacqmunro.com 

Book here - £45