Meditation Membership

Meditation Membership


Come and join me in my monthly meditation group and always have access to resources that will help you to focus, relax and stay grounded. Meditation and Affirmations are a wonderful way to address and process stress, changes, transitions and life’s ups and downs. This group will allow you to have access to them on your phone any time you may need them.

Each month will have a theme which is then broken down into weekly messages within that theme. Themes for the rest of 2023 are:-

August – Allow / September – Flow / October – Gather / November – Reset / December – Grow


  • Group delivered via WhatsApp for easy access 
  • Weekly 30 min Meditation Recording
  • Weekly 15 min Affirmation Recording 
  • Weekly Affirmation pdf to download
  • Weekly screensaver
  • Weekly message/mantra
  • Share Sunday (you can share to the group)
  • 1 x Live with Jacq every month including live bonus meditation

ALL FOR JUST £10 per month



January 2024 special offer 

Pay for the whole of 2024 in advance and enjoy 12 months membership for the price of 10. Click below to buy and you will be contacted with group joining instructions.

2024 Membership Advance Special Offer £100

Terms & Conditions

  • Payment must be through paypal – you do not need a paypal account 
  • Can canel plan at any time
  • Cannot share content outside the group
  • All material supplied are owned and copyrighted to Jacqueline Munro / 
  • All information shared by anyone in the group is to remail confidential – no sharing of photos/words/opinions outside the group
  • no refunds on special offer price
  • no refunds on monthly payment – if you cancel your membership will run till the end of the month you have paid for