October Meditation Challenge

October Meditation Challenge

A Return To Love 

For this October’s Meditation Challenge I felt a real draw to go back to basics. This October we will be spending the whole month of this Meditation Challenge returning to love in all the ways that works and makes sense for each of us. 

We are living in busy and challenging times and this felt like a great time to remind ourselves that love is all that matters and that we can and we will change the world through our communities and through love. Nothing has ever been hated better, but almost everything can be loved better..

Let’s get together this month and make that happen in our own small but significant way. 

As with all meditation challenged this will be run through WhatsApp and will include:- 

  • 31 x Daily messages
  • 31 x Daily screensavers
  • 31 x Daily affirmation pdf downloads
  • 31 x Daily affirmation recordings 
  • 4 x Weekly meditation recordings 
  • 1 x bonus meditation 
  • 4 x Share Sundays 
  • access to me throughout the month

Booking is essential and is open for EARLY BIRD of £50

I would love to see you all there as each group creates its own magic. Head to the website below to book your place and any questions please feel free to ask me on 07519 238 675 or info@jacqmunro.com