Monthly Meditation

There is a lot of fear around at the moment. The news is always reporting the worst case scenarios and it is difficult sometimes to let those influences go at the end of the day.

This month I am drawn to create and share a meditation that reminds us of our own power, our own resources and our own choices. 

We will tap into the energy of the group and work on allaying fear, restoring peace and letting ourselves be reminded of just how amazing each of us is.

Each of the meditations in the group is created by me for each session and is unique in that it uses the energy of the group and the energy of each moment to be of most effect. I love being inspired to guide each of you on a meditative journey each month. 

Please do come and join in with what is always a supportive group and enjoy some down time in great company.

You might want to have handy – a pillow, a blanket, some music to play, somewhere comfy to recline/lie down.

BOOK BELOW and once payment has been received a zoom link will be send by return. Please log into zoom 5 mins before so we can start prompt. See you there