Monthly Meditation

This month I am being guided to do an Open Heart Meditation which will help each of us in so many ways. Once we open our hearts, especially to ourselves then so much more is possible. We can learn to treat ourseves with compassion, with tenderness and with love.

In doing so we will also be adding to the open heartedness of the world itself. We will be assisting our community,family and friends to move beyond all the negativity and stress that is perpetuated daily. 

Let us come together and share in the guidance offered and ease the way forward so that we can each shine our brightest in the coming times. It is time to choose ease over effort. 

Please do come and join in with what is always a supportive group and enjoy some down time in great company.

You might want to have handy – a pillow, a blanket, some music to play, somewhere comfy to recline/lie down.

BOOK BELOW and once payment has been received a zoom link will be send by return. Please log into zoom 5 mins before so we can start prompt. See you there