October Meditation Challenge

Uplevellng Your Intuition 

Moving beyond our physical limitations

This October come and spend the month with me learning how to connect to, tune in to, harness and use your intuitive skills. We all have them but sometimes we need shown the way to them. 
This month long challenge will help each of us to be more present, more trusting and more grounded in our own wonderful selves. 

During the month you will receive via WhatsApp:- 

  • 31 x Daily Messages
  • 31 x Daily Screensaver Graphic 
  • 31 x Daily Affirmation Recordings – Value £775
  • 31 x Daily Affirmation download (pdf) to keep and re-use – Value £155
  • 4 x Weekly Meditation Recordings – Value £140
  • 3 x Live Calls via zoom – £90
  • Access to me for feedback, follow up, guidance

FULL VALUE £1160 – Yours for just £45

This Challenge will set you on the path to more connection to your own needs, your own skills and your own sense of being. This is a fabulous time for use to move beyond the physical and trust all that is available to us. 

If you would like to join me then please use the paypal button below to book and I look forward to seeing you then. 

Book here - £45