Reflexology plus Chakra Balance

March reflex special offer

I love reflexology and know what it offers the client, especially when done regularly. However it is always nice to mix it up a little and now is a great time of year to get your chakras in balance. 

This 75 minute treatment will allow you to still experience the power of reflexology but with the added benefit of balancing and aligning your chakra energy centres. This will be done using toning, tinghsa, singing bowl and chimes as needed. It will be a wonderful way to bliss out and let go of any tension, emotions, stress and find a peaceful harmony to take into the coming weeks ahead. 

One sessions is offered at £55 for those who want to mix it up, but if you want to give yourself the gift of balance and harmony on a truly holistic scale then 4 weekly sessions are offered at the price of just £180 saving you £40 

Why not come and indulge in some serious self care and let yourself get back in your own groove. 

Once you have purchased below I will email you to make your appointment but please feel free to call/text 07519 283 675 or email at any time

1 session £55

4 x sessions £180