Foot Reading

What do your feet say about you? 

What does that colour of nail varnish mean?

Why are my toes that shape?

these are all things we looks at in Foot Reading and it is amazing what your feet actually say about you. Foot Reading has been developed over the last 30 years into an insightful therapy that helps you to understand where you are now, what might be blocking you, and how to move forward. 

Looking at the personality and behaviours through the feet, it can be extremely useful to see yourself as others see you. This can help you to appreciate all that you are, seeing your own skills and talents, as well as the ways you may be stopping yourself from reaching your goals. 

A fun and light-hearted way of looking at yourself but still powerful and useful. 

There are two options for Foot Readings

ONLINE £30 – I will ask for at least 2 photos of your feet to be sent to me (tops and  bottoms) and will do a reading, recording my observations which will then be sent via WhatsApp or Messenger. 

IN PERSON £40 – you are welcome to visit me in my treatment room in Glasgow for a face to face hour long Foot Reading which will also finish with a short oracle card reading. 

To book – click below and I will be in touch to book you in l

ONLINE £30 (photos required)

IN PERSON £40 (Glasgow only)