January 30 Day Meditation Challenge

Inspired by the words of Dr Seuss I am inviting you to join me for a 31 day Meditation Challenge in January.

2022 is a year to take self love, self acceptance and shining our own lights to new heights. Come and join me in this fabulous experience and start the year off on your own terms and make the most of every single minute of every single day 

In this challenge you will receive :-

  • Membership to private Facebook or WhatsApp group for the month (+ 5 days) 
  • A daily message of support and guidance within the group
  • A 10 minute morning affirmation recording every day
  • A 30 minute evening meditation every da
  • A supportive group to ask questions, offering support, receive guidance and much more
  • Access to me daily to tap into my knowledge and passion for meditation and affirmations
And all this for just £1 per day. 

Once you book by clicking the buy now button you will receive an email confirmation and joining instructions  Any questions please email me at info@jacqmunro.com 

TO PURCHASE AS A GIFT  please click this buy now button and then email info@jacqmunro.com with instructions of who it is for, if you would like a printed voucher and address to send it to.