January Special Offer

January is a fabulous time to take stock and set yourself up for the healthiest start to the year possible. However we need to remember that we are still in the middle of Winter and our bodies are not designed to over work at this time of the year 

What better way to approach the new year with one of the most holistic approaches possible – Reflexology. I am offering you two approaches to suit your needs and saving you money at the same time. I am invested in your health and wellbeing and offer you a dynamic, tailored treatment each time you attend. 

choose from: – 

4 x weekly Reflexology sessions – £150

4 x 75 minute reflexology sessions specific to your own needs. Weekly treatments allow you to calm, soothe , revitalise and boost to best support your body and mind. What better way to start the year focused on you and your needs 

4 x weekly Reflexology + Reiki sessions – £180

4 x 90 minute sessions of Reflexology plus Reiki to fully empower your own natural healing processes. This is a truly restorative and nurturing treatment that will supercharge your whole being

Terms & Conditions 

  • all treatments are carried out at my home treatment room in Maryhill, Glasgow 
  • all treatments must be completed by 15th February 2023
  • 48 hour cancellation is required for bookings made
  • only one transfer per cancelled booking, otherwise forfeit of session occurs
  • non attendance or less than 48 hours cancellation forfeits that session 
  • no transfer of appointments to another person
  • no refunds are offered due to reduced cost offered 
  • bookings can be made via text/call to 07519283675 or info@jacqmunro.com 

4 x Reflexology - £150

4 x Reflexology + Reiki - £180