Vibe check session

An immersive, calming and grounding session to recalibrate your personal vibration. 

Let go al all that no longer serves, relax, centre and re-energise all that you are. 

A fantastic way to reset and restore YOU!

This amazing immersive session will include some or all of the following:

  • A warm and welcoming therapy room 
  • Heated or non heated eye mask 
  • Blankets for comfort – weighted blanket available 
  • Reiki 
  • Energy medicine 
  • Meridian acupressure point therapy 
  • Tingsha
  • Singing Bowl 
  • Drum 
  • Chimes 

All of these elements will ensure you receive a powerful, calm and gentle rebalancing of your core energy and vibration. 

We still start with a short chat to make sure you get the very best from your session. 


upgrade with  a personalised guided meditation for just £5 extra 

Vibe Check session £60

Vibe Check with personalised Meditation £65