Special Offers

Combine two amazing therapies in one and get ahead of allergy season. This 75 minute treatment will combine the gentle, clearing of the Hopi Ear Candles followed by the powerful, precision of Facial Reflexology. Not only will you feel the benefits in your upper respiratory areas but you will see and feel the glow of plumped up, renewed skin.

During the treatment I only use Biosun candles for their quality, reliability and efficacy and during facial reflexology you can choose from the beautiful organic reflexology waxes made by Bees Flying Wild – choose from Frankincense or Rose, or if you prefer Frankincense Facial Reflexology Oil, developed with care for this treatment (vegan option available).

UPGRADE your treatment with a Tropic Skincare cleanse, tone and moisturise for an extra £5 and 15 minutes onto your treatment.

All this combined would normally cost £75 but in September get it for just £40 

September Special