Summer Solstice Celebration

summer solstice celebration

I have been guided to offer a Summer Solstice Celebration to help us harness the power of Summer, a time of inner power and brightness. 

Celebrating the Goddesses Sol, Eos and Hemera as the world is at maximum tilt towards the sun. 

This is a time when light and dark are in transition which can cause shadow to become more easily accessible for us to work with. A fabulous opportunity to come together in a supportive group and work towards harmonising the light and dark within and celebrating your own sun goddess/god.

Mon 19th – Fri 23rd June. 

delivered in a private WhatsApp group, you will receive:

  • 3 meditations (prepare/embrace/integrate)
  • 5 x daily graphics and messages
  • 5 x daily affirmation recordings 
  • 5 x daily affirmation pdf downloads
  •  Summer Solstice Mantra

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