The most amazing lime juice ever!

We all know how essential it is to get enough vitamin C in our diet and some of us even resort to supplements to do that, however we really are very lucky in that we have readily available access to good quality, plentiful fruits and vegetables that supply more than what we need. It can often be necessary to handle, cook and store these foods in particular ways to make sure that the vitamin and mineral content is not lost to us and this lime juice is a perfect example of how to get a blitz of vitamins and a cascade of taste too. 

Firstly I need to give a nod of thanks to my sister for giving me this recipe and she in turn got it from a South American friend, but feel free to play about with it and make it your own – I have! 

This juice is super easy to make, it takes less than 3 minutes and consists of two ingredients, although I will suggest some variations too that may require more than just the main two. 


You will need:

2 organic limes (if organic are not available then unwaxed. If these are not available then wash your limes in some warm water with a mild detergent or veggie was solution to remove the wax from the skins

2 x 1 ltr water – tap water/bottled water/fizzy water – whatever water you perfer


Wash your limes if needed and them cut them into quarters then quarter again – you are using the whole fruit, skin and all. Put the limes into a blender or magic bullet or nutri bullet. Add 1 ltr water of choice, place the lid on and blitz for 1 minute. Remember if using a magic bullet or nutri bullet you will need to do this is short bursts so as not to overheat your appliance. 

Once you have pulverised the limes, using a small metal sieve over a jug, sieve the liquid into the new jug. Make sure you press down on the pulp using the back of a spoon so that you get all the best juice. I sometimes throw this away and sometimes save it for putting into cakes or other recipes – there is certainly some life left in the limes yet. 

Once you have sieved the mixture simply top it up to 2 ltr with more water. I prefer to have this cold with ice cubes but it is also amazing at room temperature. 

This will keep in the fridge for at least 36 hours but it is so delicious I guarantee it won’t last that long. 





You could add mint, ginger, strawberry, elderflower cordial to this juice to create another dimension of taste. You could also use it to mix the most amazing gin cocktails or even mojitos – no-one said you had to restrict your vitamin C intake to daytime! 





I have shared this recipe with so many people and they have all loved it – so please do give me your feedback either on the facebook page or email me at 


Happy juicing 

Jacq x