ONLINE Meditation

SUNDAY 4th JULY – 2pm – 4.30pm 


This year has been a steep learning curve for us all. We usually know at the start of the year what we want to achieve that year, what we want to change, where we want to visit, how we might do that and who with. But 2021 has been a year where each month we have waited for news of what is changing, what is possible and how far we are allowed to travel. And do you know what, I am tired of hearing the word NO

So let us come together on Sunday 4th July and Say YES to 2021. Let us set our intent on what we envision for ourselves this year, let us share our hopes and dreams with our inner wisdom and set the wheels in motion and see where we end up. Let us say YES to us, YES to adventure, YES to a routine and YES to anything and everything we can for ourselves and each other.

Always a supportive and helpful group of people who come together for these meditations meaning we can be sure to get the most out of our time together. We will take the time to reflect and do a short introductory meditation, allowing us to remove and resistance and open our imagination to all possibilities.

After a short discussion we will go into a full length guided meditation where I will harness the collective energy and take us all on a journey of inner and outer self discovery and let the possibilities open up for us in the remaining 6 months of the year.

Come and join me and let’s start saying YES to so much more this year.

A zoom link will be sent the day before the live class and your paypal receipt is your confirmation. Any questions before booking please email me at

JUST £10 per person

       ONLINE Meditation £10