Thermo-Auricular Therapy (Hopi Ear Candling)

Thermo-Auricular Therapy is the use of specially designed ‘candles’ to balance, release and re-energise the inner ear and upper respiratory system. In addition it allows for the gentle removal of wax build up while pulling the tiny hairs in our ear canal up so that we have an increased ability to trap wax build up naturally. The candles also leave a beautiful powder residue that continues to nourish and moisturise the ear canal for up to seven days following treatment. 

The candles have a chimney effect which can sound like the gentle burning of a fire, white noise or gentle rainfall – all of which are super relaxing and balancing. The candles are fitted to the ear by me using a small taper to make sure they are smooth and gentle on the ear opening, they are then removed and lit and then replaced to start working their magic. The candle is held in place by me throughout the treatment so that they are safe and secure at all times. 

Once removed the ear is and surrounding area is given a gentle massage and then I ask you to turn over on the therapy bed and we preform the same treatment on your other ear, followed by massage. You are then required to remain lying for 15 minutes so I will perform either a gentle face massage, to aid sinus drainage and inner ear balance, or a short Reiki session over the face, head and shoulders. Whichever close you choose for this wonderful treatment it is sure to leave you feeling fully relaxed and centred. 

Each treatment can assist with upper respiratory blocks, sinus congestion, inner ear problems, light-headedness and tinnitus. It is also an amazing therapy to have before taking a flight, especially long haul. 

For best results it is recommended that you have 3 treatments in quick succession – Day 1, Day 4 and Day 7 if there is blockages present**. If flying then Day 1, Day 7, Day 11 is extremely useful to ensure the least impact from flying. 

Each session lasts approx. 45 mins and is charged at £35 per session with permanent special offer of £90 for 3 sessions booked and paid for in advance

to book call/text 07519 283 675 or email