Hypnosis is a gentle and impactive way to deal with many issues physical, behavioural, emotional or habitual. We can often develop behaviours that no longer serve us and want to stop them such as Smoking, Gambling, Fears & Phobias and destructive patterns of behaviour. Through hypnosis it is possible to identify the source and cause of these conditions and change them in a gentle and empowering way. My hypnotherapy sessions and tailored to you and are written specifically with your needs in mind while being relaxing and centring. Whether you want to Lose Weight, Quit Smoking, Stop Gambling, Grow in Confidence, Pass your Driving Test, Deal with Exam Stress or something else, Hypnosis can help.

The initial session is approx. 2 hours with follow on sessions of 90 minutes. As a guide three sessions are recommended for most issues although changes, benefits and improvements are usually identifiable right away.

Initial 2 hour session £80 – follow on 90 min session £60

To book call/text 07519 283 675 or email info@jacqmunro.com