Reiki is a beautiful way to start your therapy journey if you have not tried therapies before. If you have then Reiki can be a wonderful addition to your well being routine. Reiki literally means ‘Rei – Universal and Ki – Energy’ so that when you receive a treatment you are connected to the very core of you, as well as all that our beautiful Mother Earth and Universe has to offer. 

This treatment is carried out fully clothed with the client reclined, supported and comfy on the therapy bed. You will be comfortable with pillows and cushions to suit so that you can truly relax and focus on the sense of peace, harmony and wellbeing that comes with a Reiki treatment. 

Starting at the head and working over the body, either hands on or hands off, you will experience a profound ease of being as you connect to your own thoughts, feelings, emotions and energies. Reiki can often feel like a much needed recharge. 

Reiki can also be added to other treatments to enhance and magnify their healing properties too. Reiki and Reflexology are a particularly powerful combination. Pleas just ask for more information. 

Reiki sessions typically last 45 – 60 minutes. Reiki is charged at £45 per session

to book call/text 07519 283 675 or email