Meditation Afternoon

Sunday 16th Sept 2pm – 4.30pm

It’s time to start back with Monthly Meditations because I know I am missing them and you have told me you are too! So let’s get to it.
This afternoon will be 2 and a half hours of guidance, focus, sharing and surrender. A way to connect to like minded people and also to be guided on a meditative journey of releasing, accepting and expanding.
This is being held in Tollcross (address on booking) and is LIMITED TO 6 SPACES
We will do a welcome mini guided meditation to get our energies aligned to the space and time we are in. Then we will share anything we wish to cut the ties with from the year so far. Working with guides, soul family or the Angelic Realms we will be releasing our connection, reliance or habit to behaviours, ideals, people, places and much more. Once we have cut the cords to our old stuff we will welcome in the new and ready ourselves for the potential and opportunity that is yet to unfold. We will allow for all that has already started and for all that we can not even imagine.
Always a good way to spend a couple of hours with a friendly and supportive group
BOOKING ESSENTIAL – £10 per person
BOOK NOW – £10